Work for strong, not for skinny.

When I’m bored, or when the app icon has a little red notification tag, I go Pinterest hopping.

I have to admit, it’s given me tons of great ideas over the years. Some I’ve tried, some I’d like to try, some I never will try, but are there for wishful thinking.

Like everyone else, I’ve got boards for food, home, sayings, etc. I have a Breast Cancer board with random tattoo ideas, words of wisdom, and miscellaneous ideas. I’ve also got a Fit Inspiration board I filled with lots of inspirational words for me to reflect on and to motivate me when I don’t want to lift my middle finger, let alone a dumbbell.

Anyway, I was scrolling today and saw this one and immediately pinned it.

Work for strong. Not skinny.

In retrospect, when I started doing Beachbody back in March, I had skinny on my mind. It wasn’t the entire pie, but it was a respectably sized piece.

But now, as I sit here in recovery, I realize that regardless of my mindset at the time, my results were more strong than skinny, and that has made the real difference.

Am I dead lifting one week post op? Heck no. But am I pacing the house, going for walks, getting up and down by myself? Heck yeah!

If I had achieved skinny, but not strong, I probably wouldn’t have the energy to rise and shine every morning (or afternoon after a much needed nap!).

So I guess my point is that exercise doesn’t have to be about getting skinny. It’s about being fit and healthy and having all the right kinds of energy. It’s being able to use the bathroom independently post-surgery. It’s about so much more than a number on the scale.

If you want to chat about what I did to get strong, and what I’ll be returning to as soon as I can, let me know!

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